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Shoei XR1100 Black

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Model:  249
Brand:  Shoei


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The Shoei XR-1100 came out as the winner of a test having been undertaken by ALTROCONSUMO. ALTROCONSUMO is Italy's oldest and having appr. 345.000 members biggest consumer protection organization.

Ten full-face helmets of different manufacturers have been tested with respect to ECE 22.05 conformity and separately according to further criteria not been specified in ECE 22.05.

Two helmets reached the overall result "good" (= "buono") but only the Shoei XR-1100 attained this result in both test segments.

Since seven helmets have been scored as "failed" (= bocciato") of which six did not even reach the ECE conformity, ALTROCONSUMO has contacted different Italian Ministries and the Director General Health and Consumers of the EC Commission with the appeal to change ECE 22.05 for the purpose of consumer protection.

Information in this test and the before-mentioned letter can be found under: Altroconsumo


In the XR-1100, with its concept of “stylish & emotional”, we have achieved a high quality design which delivers passion, technology and ultimate comfort to the rider - whatever the riding style. A distinctive sculpted design from the chin bar portion of the shell to the rear integrated spoiler creates a feeling of speed and style. All ventilation parts are integrated into the shell to create a stylish product.



Shell in AIM+
Fibreglass, Organic Fibres and high performance fibres are layered for a shock-absorbent shell with optimum rigidity.

Modular EPS liner system with a dual density
Optimised protection through EPS elements with different shock-absorbing levels.

Mist-retardant CW-1 pinlock visor
With safety locking mechanism and dual resistance visor seal, fast and simple exchange.

Double-D ring
Easy to use and always perfectly adjusted.

Chin Curtain
All XR-1100 come with a draught excluding chin guard.



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