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Arai Tour X-5 Honda XT - Blue

Arai Tour X-5 Honda XT - Blue
 Arai Tour X-5 Honda XT - BlueArai Tour X-5 Honda XT - Blue 
Price:  £699.00(VAT Free)

Brand:  Arai


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New VAS-A visor system designed to maximize Glancing-Off Performance
Adventure, Off-road, and On-road possibilities
Enhanced 5mm wider on each side chin bar for easy on/off comfort
New forehead logo duct for excellent ventilation
Flat spot-on side of the shell for easy communication device installation

It is time for a new adventure with the all-new Tour-X5! Itís time to ride the earth!

The Tour-X5 is a completely redesigned helmet, packed with many new features. As with everything from Arai, every improvement is made with a priority for protection. And this new model brings us ever closer to the ideal Arai shape for protection.

One of the biggest changes is the visor system and its visor. The new VAS-A visor system, derived from the VAS-V system developed for the RX-7V, has been designed to maximize Glancing-Off performance, meaning more surface area to glance off impact energy whilst offering easy installation and removal of the visor and peak. The visor itself has been redesigned for increased visibility and Glancing-Off performance, and is now a Max Vision visor, so a Pinlock insert can easily be installed. The new VAS-A visor system also makes it easier to switch, without tools, to one of the other styles. You can choose between Adventure, Off-road and On-road.

Other improvements include a completely new ventilation system. The ventilation system of the Tour-X5 is the second model to feature the 3D logo duct, previously introduced on the Quantic. Complemented by the new AR Spoiler and the latest iteration of the Delta Duct, the Delta Duct 6, the Tour-X5 also features a completely new chin vent. The ventilation system of the Tour-X5 will have ample air flow to keep you cool no matter what, so don't sweat it. Additionally, the inner vent gate can flow air to the mouth or visor for increased defogging. As with any Arai model, ventilation parts like the 3D Logo Duct, AR Spoiler and Delta Duct 6 are made to break off during an impact for maximum Glancing Off performance.

On the inside, the interior is fully removable, with an adjustable pad at the rear of the crown pad. A redesigned nose deflector will make the use of goggles easy. FCS cheek pads will give a firm fit both on- and off-road.

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