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New HM Quickshifter GP Available only to approved BSB Teams

Price:  £1,049.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£874.17 Exc. VAT)

Model:  HMQSGP
Brand:  HM Quickshifters


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A basic quickshifter works by killing of the ignition for a certain period
of time in order to relieve stress on the gear box, thus allowing the
pressure on the gear lever / selector drum to slip the transmission into
the next gear without grinding or chipping gear teeth / dogs.
The ignition kill time is a somewhat crude parameter as one kill time
for each gear must cover all gear changing eventualities / loads / rpm /
rider actions – to this end we have developed the HM Seamless
Shift algorithm.
The new HM Quickshifter GP has rewritten the rules when it comes to
gear changing, the result being the most accurate, fastest, smoothest
safest quickshifter by far.

Fully and continuously dynamic self learning. very fast and incredibly accurate gear determination
HMSS (HM SEAMLESS SHIFT) System to beat chosen shift times to save significant accumulated time over a lap and provide seemingly seamless shifts
Multiple types of outputs, all easily programmable
Built in full feature Blipper controller for down-shifting
Each gear has its own kill time and its own sensitivity
Highly intelligent real time fault analysis and configurable error strategy. Policy: Never allow even a smashed shifter to cause total motorcycle failure
Easily readable, detailed and cyclic event log
Data logging
Firmware updatable via USB
Highly sophisticated feedback derived kill time augmentation - unbeatable for laptime saved
Advanced feedback derived power cutting / introduction strategies (under development)
RPM kill time bias (under development)
LIN interface to allow connection to ECU's / Dashes for delivering data, recording data, and in-the-field configuration adjusments without a computer
CAN / ECAN interface via optional CAN tranceiver (under development)
Simple USB interface (No drivers! Just plug and play into any Windows Operating System and play)
Professional Level Fully Programmable Traction Control using custom Kalman Algorithim (under development)
Very low power for a heavy weight 32bit RISC processor (30mA)
Highly resiliant power supply, able to operate up to 80v and can withstand transients far in excess of automotive standards
Very small size
Low cost
HM 24/7 professional support
Ultra light weight


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