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Shoei J.O. Gloss Black

Price:  £289.00
RRP:  £309.00
Saving Of:  6%
(VAT Free)

Part Number:  E1173
Brand:  Shoei


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Dark Tint visor also available @ £37 !


  • Helmet with classic and custom lifestyle styling
  • High quality, high safety and performance for a small open face helmet

Design excellence

  • Contemporary yet classic looks in compact and duck tail shape at rear
  • Visor shape which restricts rolling-in of wind
  • Discreet logo design in-keeping with classic looks

Main Characteristics

  • Restriction of rolling-in wind turbulence by way of the exclusively designed CJ-3 visor
  • Visor adjustment mechanism which enables adjustment of visor bottom position depending on length of nose
  • Interiors fully removable and unreflective to visor


Safety features

  • AIM Shell
  • Exclusively designed CJ-3 Visor


Design and performance

The highest safety is mandatory as a premium helmet of SHOEI with performance which assures you are riding as comfortable as possible. Design of each component is also a top priority.


While it is in an orthodox shape looking from front to rear, it has a cool American style. The side line of the shell is straight and sharp when viewed from the front. This eliminates the large head look and achieves a compact shell.

Duck tail shape which is used in custom bike also is adopted in the bottom rear.

Logo Design

Shoei logo is in quite a different size and design from usual SHOEI helmets as it considers the design of the helmet and bike category it will be seen with.

J•O logo sticker is enclosed for use in various styles.


D-ring is used for a chinstrap fastening with classical design consideration and lightweight functionality.

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