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Furygan RG20 Glove - Black/White

Price:  £89.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£74.17 Exc. VAT)

Model:  RG20S
Part Number:  4438-143
Brand:  Furygan


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Our RG-20 is primarily a street glove, but we’ve given it extra sturdiness to give you the option of dual usage. This RG-20 is at equally home on the track and on the road.


The RG-20 are CE approved
as PPE to EN 13594:2015
✔ Palm 100% made with goat
leather, for softness, protection
feeling and comfort.
✔ Reinforcements made with
doubled leather layer on
areas exposed to abrasion in
a crash situation (palm, side
of the hand, fingers). The
positioning of these elements
has been designed to protect
hands from shocks but also
from abrasions on tarmac.
✔ Furygan Skin Protect lining
– approved by Furygan’s R&D
(Motion Lab) to reinforce
leather products in terms of
tearing and abrasion resistance.
The goat leather and the
pre-shaping offers a high level
of feeling on the handlebars.
✔Finger stitch seams
positioned on the outside,
and EXO protectors, for better
Articulated metacarpal
protection shell and stretch
panels on thumb and index
to ease finger flexion.
✔ Silicone reinforcement grips
on the palm, index and
middle finger.
✔ Wrist and cuff adjusters.
✔ Between each finger, at the
bottom, has been placed a
specific textile insert to reach
a superior stage of comfort.

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