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K&N Air Filters

Model:  141
Brand:  K&N


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The World's Best Air Filters

The primary function of an air filter is to supply an engine with clean air, in order to provide the optimum operating conditions for performance and engine life.

An engine's power output is proportional to the rate at which it can induce air into the cylinders, and the torque output is directly proportional to the amount drawn into the cylinders on each induction stroke. All but the most minute restriction will cause an engine's power output to drop. Conventional paper elements and synthetic foam filters are generally restrictive in terms of airflow and deteriorate relatively quickly and cause power output to drop further.

Running without air filters is defiantly not an economical option as engine life is drastically reduced. K&N air filters provide the best solution.


Better by Design

K&N high-flow air filters are designed to increase horsepower and acceleration. K&N's success lies in the unique characteristics of the filter media: Instead of foam, K&N uses 4 - 6 layers of cotton gauze placed between bonded aluminium wire screens. Within each air filter, thousands of microscopic cotton threads absorb K&N's specially formulated air filter oil and create a powerful filtering media that protects your motor from harmful contaminants and debris, while allowing your engine to breathe freely.


The Long Life

K&N proudly introduce a filter that can last the life of the vehicle. High quality materials, K&N's in-house design, manufacturing and testing facilities that meet OEM quality levels and very strict quality control, is the secret behind the K&N Air Filters and the factor that allows them to give a Lifetime Warranty!


Taking Care of the Filter

The K&N Air Filter will serve you for many years and needs very little care using the K&N Service kit. When the filter is dirty simply follow the instructions that you can find in the service kit, allow the filter to dry, re-oil and you are ready to use your filter again, like new!


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