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Comfort Air Seat Cushion Cruiser

Price:  £79.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£65.83 Exc. VAT)

Brand:  Comfort-Air


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Measure the width and length of your motorcycle seat contact area (the area where you would normally make contact with the seat when sitting on the motorcycle) and compare this to the provided measurements of each ComfortAir Seat Cushion. The cushion should be able to extend across the width of your motorcycle seat contact area. It is perfectly fine if the ComfortAir Seat Cushion is a little wider than your motorcycle seat contact area, but it is not ideal if the seat cushion is smaller.

  • Adventure / Sport Seat Cushion measures: 30.5 cm (long) x 30 cm (wide)
  • Tourer Seat Cushion measures: 36.4 cm (long) x 34 cm (wide)
  • Cruiser Seat Cushion measures: 38 cm (long) x 33 cm (wide)
  • Pillion Seat Cushion measures: 28.5 cm (long) x 21.5 cm (wide)

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Our fantastic ComfortAir Cruiser Seat Cushion is carefully designed to offer added comfort and increased pressure distribution across most seats found on cruiser, chopper or bobber-style motorcycles. It’s an essential piece of kit, enabling you to enjoy even the most epic of road trips. A heavy duty, adjustable and stretchy strap system ensures a secure fit onto your existing motorcycle seat.


The innovative ComfortAir Seat Cushion is an easy-to-install motorcycle seat air floatation cushion that offers next-level comfort, however long or bumpy your journey. It uses medically proven air floatation technology to distribute your weight and pressure over the entire motorcycle seat, reducing the ‘hot spots’ that cause heat and pain and can create a distraction. The ComfortAir’s cutting edge air floatation cells also work as mini shock absorbers, reducing vibration and the resultant sensation of a ‘numb-bum’.


Once you’ve tried it you won’t ride without it!


Eliminates numbness and painful pressure points

Guaranteed to improve your riding comfort

Aids concentration

Reduces the build up of moisture and body heat

Handcrafted using top quality materials

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