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ACF-50 Corrosion Block Grease 454 gm Tub

Price:  £14.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£11.67 Exc. VAT)

Model:  ACF-50-GRS
Brand:  ACF 50


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ACF 50

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MCN  Product Review: ACF50 Corrosion Block greas

Time used: Two years

What’s good? I am a massive fan of the way ACF50 anti-corrosion spray works to keep a British winter’s destructive power at bay, but this is the first time I have used the grease made by the same people. The grease has been primarily aimed at marine and aircraft use but I have used it on my own bikes and MCN long-term test bikes as well as my bicycles with fantastic results. It works to actively stop any corrosion underway, resists being washed away and can be used as a light lubricant too. Caliper bolts, banjo bolts, exhaust header bolts have all been treated and they remain easy to remove. I also used this grease on the exhaust butterfly valve on my Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring over two winters. These valves are a dirt magnet and are notorious for seizing but I had no such problems, although the heat did make the grease melt and frequent reapplication was needed.

What’s not? Not a lot really. Like ACF50 spray it just works. Just beware of unscrupulous online sellers with tempting looking prices as low as £2.45. They are only selling a tiny amount, not the 454g pot that costs around £10.


Corrosion Block Grease has many uses for Marine, Motorcycle, Automotive & Industrial applications

It's no secret that equipment downtime, repair and replacement are expensive. It is also no secret that regular scheduled preventive maintenance is cheaper than the repair or replacement of expensive equipment.

In these days of dwindling maintenance budgets and closer scrutiny of operating costs and procedures, you can show a real saving through preventive control of corrosion.

Corrosion Block can be described as a clean, clear, ultra-thin fluid which leaves a non-greasy atmospheric barrier to protect the base metal on interior surfaces. Corrosion Block leaves no gummy residue because it contains no wax, resin, tar, asphalt, silicone or telfon.

Corrosion Block anti-corrosion compound is a state-of-the-art material developed for the marine industry. Corrosion Block has three superior features:

  • Corrosion Block is superior anti-corrosion compound.
    • It kills corrosion in progress
    • It prevents new corrosion cells from forming for 12-18 months
  • Corrosion Block is an excellent penetrant.
  • Corrosion Block is an excellent light lubricant.

Electrical Uses

Corrosion Block has the ability to remove moisture, combined with its excellent penetrating and strong dielectric properties, have brought a number of electronics 'back from the dead' with just one application. The Corrosion Block removes the moisture from the corrosion byproduct, then isolates the corrosion byproduct from the electrical circuit. Corrosion Block can be used in many different electrical and electronic applications without fear of damage. Corrosion block will not harm paint or plastic surfaces.


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