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TomTom RIDER 410 - Great Rides PREMIUM Package

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Brand:  TomTom Rider


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TomTom Rider

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  • TomTom Rider 410 device
  • Charging Bike Dock and Battery Cable
  • Secure RAM Mount
  • Documentation
  • Car mounting kit
  • Anti-theft Solution
  • Travel Carry Case

Description In celebration of TomTom's 10th anniversary, the new TomTom Rider 410 comes with world maps and one hundred of the worlds most thrilling routes preinstalled, pretested by Tourenfahrer, one of the biggest route providers in Europe. Whether you crave tight curves, steep climbs or breath- taking peaks, TomTom Rider will help you find them. Now its up to you. Do you dare...

Our motorcycle sat nav is designed for life on the road. Stylish, yet rugged enough, to withstand everything the road can throw at it. The waterproof TomTom Rider has a glovefriendly screen and comes packed with biking-specific features like thrilling ride options or A to A planning, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • 100 Great rides pre-installed
  • Lifetime World Maps
  • Winding Roads: Choose the level of twists and turns.
  • Hilly Roads: Decide the levels of ups and downs.
  • Roundtrip Planning
  • PC Route Planning via MyDrive



Are you looking for the best rides in the world One hundred of the worlds most thrilling routes come preinstalled on this TomTom Rider Great Rides edition. Including the top ten most thrilling routes in ten Europeanregions. Pretested by Tourenfahrer.

LIFETIME WORLD MAPS - Pick your next touring adventure. Whether you are heading north or south, you can install and update maps from around the world at no extra cost, for the lifetime of your navigation device. Make sure you always ride with the latest maps for the best riding experience.

WINDING ROADS - Find the most exciting winding roads and avoid the boring straights. Select how challenging you want the route to be, and our motorcycle GPS will find the best road for you. You can select three levels of windiness: low, mid and high. The TomTom Rider will help you find adrenaline-filled rides tailor-made for you. 

HILLY ROADS - Stay at sea level or climb to the highest peaks. You can define the levels of elevation you want to reach on your ride, for a personalised experience.Choose between three levels of hilliness: low, mid or high. Theres nothing more thrilling than the roads ups and downs.

ROUNDTRIP PLANNING - Plan a fun day-trip with your motorcycle GPS. Discover new routes by simply tapping on your sat navs map the area you want to explore. Choose your starting point and places you want to visit and decide for how long you want to ride. The TomTom Rider will propose you a route and if you are not satisfied it will suggest you a new one.

PC ROUTE PLANNING VIA MYDRIVE -  Pre-plan your perfect trip. Gain inspiration from riders in the know, and create your own thrilling routes on your PC before uploading them to your device via MyDrive. Or easily upload routes found online to your TomTom Rider.

BLUETOOTH® FILE SHARING - Share your route via Bluetooth® with other bikers - before you head out, or while you are on the way so you can keep everyone on track. Your routes can be transfered in GPX and ITN format via Bluetooth® between TomTom Rider devices and Android smartphones.

TRIP RECORDING -  Record your trip and relive the excitement any time.

TYRE PRO® - Pre-plan a tour with Tyre Pro®, the interactive software that helps you search, design and edit routes on your PC before sending them to your motorcycle sat nav.

LIFETIME TOMTOM TRAFFIC - Receive real-time traffic information for the lifetime of your navigation device at no extra cost. Always know where delays are and whether a faster route is available so you can intelligently plan routes around traffic.

LIFETIME SPEED CAMERAS -  Advance notifications on your TomTom Rider let you know when youre approaching a speed camera, and remind you of the required speed limit. You can download updated camera locations at no extra cost, for the life of your device, by regularly connecting to your computer.

PORTRAIT VIEW -  Simply rotate to portrait view to see more of the bends ahead, so you can prepare for your next turn. The innovative rotating mount of this motorcycle sat nav allows an easy switch between landscape and portrait view.

AUDIO INSTRUCTIONS VIA BLUETOOTH® - Keep your eyes on the road and your hands where you need them with Bluetooth® enabled directions delivered to your headset or helmet. We recommend using a compatible headset with your TomTom Rider to hear spoken instructions and warning sounds.

HANDS-FREE CALLING - See and accept incoming calls while you ride. The TomTom Rider connects via Bluetooth® to your phone and your headset or helmet, so you can call hands free more safely while youre riding your motorcycle.

GLOVE-FRIENDLY, WATERPROOF SCREEN - The glove-friendly screen responds instantly to touch and is designed for riding in any weather.



CREATE SELF-DESIGNED ROUTES- Design the ultimately personalised ride on your computer by defining all the stops along your route. From the nicest viewpoint to the coziest biker hotel. Upload it to your TomTom Riderthen enjoy the open road.

PRE-PLAN THRILLING RIDES - Plan in advance for a breath-taking tour by adding twists, turns and steep inclines to your TomTom Rider before you go. You can also define your available time and the route will adjust around your schedule.

EASILY UPLOAD A ROUTE ONTO YOUR TOMTOM RIDER - Go your own way or someone elses. Whether you create your own route or want to follow someone elses, you can upload it easily from your PC to your TomTom Rider, using MyDrive.

WAYPOINTS - Preplan a bucket list full of exciting destinations into your route. Use MyDrive to design a route around the waypoints you want to ride along. Then download to your TomTom Riderand go find them.

TIME-LIMITED RIDES - Only have a couple free hours TomTom Rider can help you build a ride to fit. Use your computer to preplan a time- limited ride. Design it on MyDrive, download it to your TomTom Rider, and hit the road.

FAVOURITE DESTINATIONS - Easily add favorite destinations on your map. You know where your favorite hot spots are, share them with your TomTom Rider.


  • TomTom Rider 410 device
  • Charging Bike Dock and Battery Cable
  • Secure RAM Mount
  • Documentation
  • Car mounting kit
  • Anti-theft Solution
  • Travel Carry Case


MAP COVERAGE The Rider 410 and Rider 410 premium have access to Lifetime World maps. These devices come with a pre-installed regional map and the option to download additional maps from around the world at no extra cost through MyDrive Connect. For more information please visit:

Pre-installed map of Europe (45 countries): Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (incl.Canary Islands), Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican City, United Kingdom & main roads of Bulgaria, Latvia, Montenegro, Russian Federation, Serbia, Turkey. Connecting Roads: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia- Herzegovina Macedonia, Moldavia, Ukraine

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