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Bluetooth & Sat-Nav Communication

Module Moto carry in stock the latest Bluetooth Communication by Cardo the Scala Rider Powersets , We also carry the Scuberth C3 SRC Bluetooth System which is Specially Designed for Schuberth Helmets !

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Tom Tom Rider 550 Premium

Tom Tom Rider 550 Premium£499.00   £479.00

Shoei Scala Bluetooth Duo Kit

Shoei Scala Bluetooth Duo Kit£479.00   £429.00


INTERPHONE Tour Twin Pack£399.00

TOM Tom Rider 550 World

TOM Tom Rider 550 World£399.00   £389.00

Sena 10C Bluetooth Camera & Intercom System

Sena 10C Bluetooth Camera & Intercom System£349.00   £329.00

INTERPHONE Sport Twin Pack

INTERPHONE Sport Twin Pack£319.00

Scala Rider Q3 MultiSet

Scala Rider Q3 MultiSet£319.00

Schuberth S2 SRC Bluetooth System

Schuberth S2 SRC Bluetooth System£284.00

Schuberth C3 SRC Bluetooth System

Schuberth C3 SRC Bluetooth System£289.00   £269.00

Shoei Scala Bluetooth Single Kit

Shoei Scala Bluetooth Single Kit£299.00   £259.00

INTERPHONE Tour Single Pack

INTERPHONE Tour Single Pack£229.00

Nexx X-Com Bluetooth Intercom Kit

Nexx X-Com Bluetooth Intercom Kit£229.00   £225.00

Schuberth SC10U SRC E1- C3 PRO & C3 BASIC Bluetooth Kit

Schuberth SC10U SRC E1- C3 PRO & C3 BASIC Bluetooth Kit£230.00   £225.00

Scala Rider Q1 Teamset

Scala Rider Q1 Teamset£219.00

INTERPHONE Urban Twin Pack

INTERPHONE Urban Twin Pack£209.00

Scala Rider Q3 Single

Scala Rider Q3 Single£169.00

Scala Rider QZ

Scala Rider QZ£99.00

Schuberth SC1 Handlebar Remote - C4/R2/SC10U

Schuberth SC1 Handlebar Remote - C4/R2/SC10U£100.00   £99.00


Page 1 of 1:    28 Items